15 de febrero de 2016

Primeras palabas del Fondo sobre el nuevo gobierno

Christine Lagarde 4/2

MR. RICE: Thank you. I'm turning to Latin America, and in particular to Argentina, "Madame Lagarde, what is your view of the ongoing negotiations between the Argentine Government and the debt holders in New York City? Could we see Argentina having access to financial markets shortly and also what are your views on the New Government's economic measures thus far?"

MS. LAGARDE: Well, first on the negotiations, we are very encouraged to see that Argentina, and its new leadership, has taken the initiative to enter into negotiations with Argentina creditors. It's been weighing on the country, and if it results in a fair and balanced outcome, that will be supportive of Argentina returning to the financial markets, and restoring its financial position, it's a real plus.

The macroeconomic policies that are currently identified by the new team and the new authorities in Argentina are very encouraging. And we hope that it will stabilize the Argentinean economy. We hope that, in particular, the determination for transparent data - the state of statistic emergency that has been declared by the Argentinean authorities - all of that is good. And we really support it.

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