2 de febrero de 2012

¿Esto es Argentina?

The Sun (ver fotos)

Paint bombs were thrown at the British-owned HSBC bank in Buenos Aires as chanting youths took to the streets of the capital.
Hiding their faces behind scarves, banner-waving demonstrators echoed their government's demands for the UK to hand over the islands — a day after the nation accused Wills, 29, of acting like a "conqueror".
More than 50 gathered at a monument to Argentine soldiers killed after the country invaded 30 years ago — only to be booted out in the Falklands War.

Yesterday Amado Boudou, Argentina’s vice-president, said: “It seems the population is having a bad time and they are trying to cover up that situation with this bravado.

Mail Online (ver fotos)

Mob attacks branch of HSBC Bank in the capital
It follows announcement that warship HMS Dauntless will set sail for the South Atlantic
Masked members of Quebracho group, brandishing clubs, march to protest against Prince William's military posting

Guardian (ver foto)

Demonstrators in Buenos Aires burn a British flag: tensions have mounted between the two countries over the Falkland Islands

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