5 de mayo de 2016

Más Trump

Ten reasons why the Trump Train's given the cocky, lazy, PC-crazed Washington elite the spanking it deserves- and left Hillary shaking in her Goldman-financed boots

1) He’s the ultimate outsider. Trump’s not a politician and he doesn’t speak or behave like a politician. He’s his own man, good, bad and ugly, and his campaign has so far been all of those things. It may not be pretty, it has definitely been regularly offensive, but it’s also been spectacularly successful. To deny that is to be a particularly stubborn, blinkered ostrich with one’s head implanted 3ft under the sand.

2) He’s direct. Americans are sick and tired of bulls**t, especially when it’s spouted from the mouths of politicians. Trump’s appeal comes from his natural aversion to political correctness, and his willingness to speak his mind even if it upsets people. It means he occasionally goes too far, stumbles or performs instant U-turns. But he can afford to do this because he can afford to do this…running your own business empire with assets worth $10 billion means you don’t have to worry about getting fired, running out of cash to campaign if donors flee in disgust, or falling prey to lobbyists trying to buy your favour.

3) He knows how to close a deal. Trump’s spent his whole life doing it and his modus operandi is now clear for the world to see: hit your opponent as hard as hell, get what you want, win, then shake their hand and tell the world how great they are. The way he’s seen off 17 candidates so far has been extraordinary to observe. Young, old, male, female, white, black, Latino – they’ve all been despatched with a ruthless cocktail of headline-grabbing stunts and speeches, and an ability to unleash devastating retaliatory strikes at a speed of 0-DEFCON 1 in five seconds.

4) He’s owned the media. And I mean OWNED. It’s comical to watch American’s finest journalists now competing to beat themselves up over who most ‘underestimated’ the Trump Train. They all spent months and months gleefully handing over their airspace and newspaper pages like wilful, helpless sado-masochists offering up their tied, blindfolded torsos with the compliant enthusiasm of Anastasia Steele to Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey. No good complaining about the journalistic integrity bruises and shame afterwards, everyone! You BEGGED him for it..

5) He’s been very tough on the key issues about which many millions of Americans crave toughness from their current leaders but don’t feel they’re getting it: immigration, terrorism, jobs and China. Trump hasn’t mucked about, he’s gone straight for the rhetoric jugular; screaming for his Wall to stop illegal Mexicans entering the country, a short-term Muslim ban ‘to figure out what’s going on’ with Islamic fundamentalists, a ‘devastating’ blitz to ‘wipe out’ ISIS, and new trade deals to stop China’s ‘rape’ of the U.S. economy and labor markets. His messages are short, simple, explosive and eye-catching. That, whatever your view of his comments, is good politics.

6) He doesn’t give two hoots for professional politicians. Because Trump has no aspirations ever to be a Governor, Senator or Congressman, he hasn’t had to care for any of the usual unctuous sucking-up rules of Washington engagement. Someone attacks him, he attacks them so hard back they wish they’d never started. Trump’s campaign is littered with the political corpses of those who tried to dance with the Donald. Just ask Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush. Both went to war with their conventional political weapons, only to find Trump was deploying the nuclear equivalent and they got instantly vaporised.

7) He cracked social media. I loved Trump’s tweets long before he ran for president because they were so outrageous, amusing and provocative. I assumed he’d tone them down once he entered the race, but if anything he’s been even more controversial. With nearly 8 million followers now, Trump’s got the perfect platform to vent his wrath, humour and political beliefs. That number dwarfs any other candidate and gives him a powerful voice that’s resonated with many Americans.

8) He exudes chilling confidence. This has been incredibly infectious. Love him or loathe him, Trump’s truly astonishing self-belief makes even his many enemies sit back in wonderment. Nothing seems to shake him or his implacable belief that only he can ‘Make America Great Again’. Americans like that in their leaders.

9) Behind every good man is an even better woman, so goes the saying. Trump has a veritable army of them now standing around him at public events, as we saw during his victory speech last night - led by his daughter Ivanka and wife Melania. They’re all beautiful, independent females who look smart and sound smart. That’s a major electoral plus for Trump who’s had to counter relentless allegations that he’s sexist. The Trumps are a walking, talking, impossibly glamorous First Family in the making. Optics matter in an election and they LOOK the part.

10) He’s a winner. Now, there’s no denying it. The critics poured scorn when he first entered the race last summer, most saying he’d be ‘gone in three weeks’. The same critics then claimed in December that he had ‘no chance’ of winning the Republican nomination. Now, as it’s clear that he has, they’ve all trebled-down to insist he ‘cannot possibly’ beat Hillary Clinton in a general election. Really? In England, a small soccer team called Leicester City just won the elite Premier League at odds of 5000-1. Nobody gave them a chance but a combination of strong leadership, high energy, sharp focus and sheer determination allowed them to beat off all-comers and pull off one of the greatest shocks in sporting history. How? The establishment teams just never thought it could happen…until it was too late.

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